Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing Is Not Just For The Stars

The first dance has transformed from awkwardly swaying side to side to full out choreograped productions. Whether it's an intimate slow dance to "Unchained Melody" or your entire bridal party's rendition of "Thriller" - how you open the dance floor is truly a reflection of you as a couple.
So what do you do if dancing is not quite your forte but you still desire to create a memorable moment? Well, dance lessons may be ideal for you. Right now there are many options for curing the rhythmically challenged. Dancing schools such as Arthur Murray Dance Center offer private and group classes and can get you ballroom dancing as a couple in no time. It's also a perfect opportunity to get mom or dad involved if you're looking to create a special father/daughter or mother/son dance.
If you're looking for more of a custom/contemporary/pop/hip-hop dance, then hire a choreographer who can work with you both and your entire bridal party if needed. Contact local dancing schools in your area that offer the genre of dancing that you are looking for and see if any of the instructors are willing to work with you outside of a group class environment. You may end up paying for studio time, hourly fee, etc - but at least you will receive that one on one personal attention necessary to create that "Wow" factor.
Dancing lessons also serve another purpose - something so important and often over looked. It gives you both that much needed couple time that sometimes get pushed aside during the flurry of wedding planning. Now you can have 45mins to an hour, once or twice a week where you know that it will be just the two of you. Take advantage of this time and make it truly a date night where it is solely about the love you share and the enjoyment of learning something new as a couple.
If you can maintain a little patience with each other and be accepting of the little missteps, then taking lessons will get your wedding started on the right foot and who knows you may continue dancing well after the day is done.
photo courtesy of: Ballroom Dance San Diego
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet the DIY Bride:

DIY wedding planning is on the rise and I think it's fabulous. The internet has revolutionized the way brides are approaching their day. Through message boards and good old-fashioned research, couples are finding the needed resources to create a wedding that is perfect for them.

Armed with a team of willing (and some not so willing) bridal party volunteers, DIY brides are creating everything from invitations to bouquets and centerpieces. This boost of creativity is a combination of the accessibility of resources, love for crafts and the necessity to maintain a not so fairytale wedding budget.

Planning a wedding seems like an easy enough task, especially when many cable channels are going bridal and creating an "I can do that" mantra in the soon to be weds. But ask any bride currently in the trenches of wedding planning how everything is going and prepare yourself for the laundry list of things that she has done and has yet to do.

Sneaking on the internet during work hours, chatting on the message boards when she would normally be sleeping, and shopping for wedding gear instead of grocery shopping; becomes standard operating procedure. As many have come to find out, planning a wedding is indeed a full time job. So when you add that to your actual paid employment or full time course load in school, the glamour of wedding planning soon loses it's blingyness.

As a wedding professional I know that planning a wedding is a thankless job and I sympathize with my DIY brides. No one at your reception is going to ever fully appreciate the number of hours it took to tie each ribbon on the individual bags of Jordan almonds that you stayed up all night stuffing. When they leave their half eaten cakes on the plate, guests will not fully appreciate how you went to tasting after tasting to choose the right cake designer. When they're busting a move on the dance floor to great song after song, many may not realize how many hours you and your groom labored over the DJ's "Play and Do Not Play" list.

So to all my DIY brides who have fully embraced the challenges of planning, on your day please do not forget to take a step back and look at what you've accomplished. But don't just stop there -- savor and truly enjoy each and every moment without worrying about the details. Because only you can truly appreciate all that went into making every planning minute, your wedding day reality. Congrats!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Simple Elegance

When you’re a DIY bride in the Windy City, then you need to be armed with an arsenal of money saving tips in order to execute a stylish wedding in a premiere Chicago location under $25,000. Our bride, Lynn, looked to the local Park District for a venue that would reflect the couple’s love for the outdoors . This beautiful open space had everything a bride could have ever wished for from the picturesque views of Lake Michigan to the fountains dancing this location provided the perfect back drop for a simply elegant wedding and reception. Our bride said, “YES” to her wedding dress a la Target. For under $200 (including shipping and handling) she was a minimalist vision of style.

The outdoor oasis provided such a vast landscape of lush florals and greenery that there was no need for over the top décor and flowers. Simple, yet strategic pops of color using linen napkins added an elegant touch to each place setting. While understated candles added the sexy mood lighting as their guests danced the night away.

Our DIY bridal goddess purchased her flowers wholesale and utilized her friends and family’s floral expertise to create beautiful bouquets and boutonnières for the entire bridal party along with stunning centerpieces for close to $700. Their friend Dave-O, who provides DJ services for weddings and events, really set the tone for their special day with a great mix of music –all at no cost. We recommend that if you utilize friends to provide services for your wedding that they are both reliable and professional as you would not want to ruin a friendship or your wedding day.

Just because you plan the wedding yourself, does not mean you have to orchestrate the day-of activities. If you opt not to hire a wedding planner to help you during the entire planning process, then it is highly recommended that you secure the services of a “Day-Of” Coordinator to help manage the details on your special day. For a fraction of the cost of full service planning, you will have the peace of mind that all of the details are being attended to while you can relax and enjoy being a guest at your own wedding.

Photography by Hallie George truly captured the essence of this simply elegant affair.

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